Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sick? Feel Better with These Tips with Love

I am sick.
I have been home from work for 3 straight days, which for me is a new record.
If I had more than 7 sick days a year, this would not be a big deal, but using close to half on one bug seems a bit unwise and somehow capricious.  What new germs will come my way in March or April?  Will I make it through or have to take a pay cut?  Those are the thoughts I wrestle with when calling off, but it is also my duty to not make others sick when I'm contagious and have a fever, so here I sit, day 3, on the couch.

As I sit, I am not alone.  I could graph how many bowls, mugs, and spoons surround me.  You might be shocked that one woman would own many vessels, but I should remind you these are the tools to getting well.  They convey nutritious foods and liquids.  An anthropologist could use them as a way to estimate how long I've been cooped up (I've been watching Bones episodes).  There are 4 mugs within reach at this very moment.  Clearly, I've been down for awhile.

Typically I have a window of 3-10 hours before being really sick when I know it is coming.  This gives me time to make sure I have food (pizza and soup ingredients), liquids (orange juice and Fresca) , and most importantly Frozen Yogurt.
This bug gave insufficient warning.

The first "warning:"
I went on a date to The Gelateria, ordered a mocha, it tasted like...nothing, which is odd.

And bam!
An hour into said date my throat hurt badly, and upon getting home I was sick with chills and body aches.

It's got me to thinking, since I haven't been able to to much else but think, read, and watch (and take a stab at doing my taxes which I wouldn't recommend when feeling snotty) of creating a sickness tip sheet.

This is not a sickness prevention tip sheet, since the first 2 paragraphs have shot my credibility there, but a What to Do When You're Sick to Get Better list.  Here it is:

1.) Salt

I gargle warm salt water.  I also gag, choke, sputter, and accidentally drink some of it, but the point is I do something gross repeatedly hoping it will help.  It often does.  I don't know why.

2.) Foods

This is tricky.  When I am sick I can taste nothing, so I crave extreme flavors.  This is when I want DiGiorno pizza and Dark Chocolate anything.
But I know that these indulgences while helping give my taste buds some action, doesn't give my body any sort nutrient of fighting power.
Often I make these (due to the 3-10 hour window warning time), but only after I have stocked up on some Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daz Frozen Yogurt.
Roasted Garlic Soup
Hot and Soup Soup

3.) Humor

I mostly watch t.v. online.  Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, and I take that seriously.
Sure, I can watch Law and Order, but has that ever left you feeling uplifted and good or just demoralized about sin, crime, and a flawed penal justice system?
I recommend these:

On Hulu Plus:
Community / Brooklyn 99 / Perfect Couples / My Boys (if you can find it) / Ben and Kate  (if you can find it)

On Youtube:
Lizzie Bennet Diaries / Emma Approved

3b.) Learn

If you'd rather learn than laugh, watch TED talks.  Here's a linked list of the 20 most popular.

4.) Confession: I don't wash my hair

Are you my friend and wondering why I won't let you give me soup?  It's because of my dirty hair, or because of my dry-shampooed hair, which is essentially the same thing.
Maybe it's not true, but growing up when we were sick, we didn't bathe till we were in the clear.  No need to get chilly and backslide.
So. My hair is dirty and I wear hats.

I'm looking closely into these.
STORY by Modcloth
A Beautiful Mess

5.) Liquids

I drink tons of liquids.  Tea, water, hot water, Fresca, chocolate soy milk, more water etc.
Prepare yourself this means going to the bathroom a lot.  But it's worth it.  Look at all of the adorable containers I have now to store treasures!

6.) Accepting

 I guess since all my other defenses are down when I'm sick I try and uphold the one thing I can, pride.
And I am full of it.  It doesn't always show up in ways I would expect.  It's not braggadocios nor does it have tell tail swagger.  But my reluctance to let people help me (close friends and family have all reached out to bring me food, drinks, anything) is a clear marker to its presence.  I told these lovelies, them all, "No thank you. I'm fine." when truth be told, I was sitting on my couch with body aches from my toes to my fingertips crying.  But learn from me; let your guard down and accept help.  Let someone love on you.