Hello.  My name is Andrea.
If we aren't already acquainted you should know: 

This is me, my thoughts, and my experiences. 
Like them or love them. Take them or leave them. 
They are mine, and I'm learning to share. 

I like pockets, hardback books, and hoodies.

I like hats.  I like humorous situations.
I like banter mixed with sincerity. 
I like laughing. I like being outside.  
I like cooking and making costumes.
I like pretzels and will brave the mall to get one.
I do not like bumper stickers or gossip.  

Why would I write a blog at all?

Because I want you to:
laugh more
learn more
dream more
be inspired by little things
and if I can or be a small part of those, I am glad.

Now, we can begin to understand each other.