Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Day of School (with kids)

It is here.  Delayed  a week by Snowpocalypse, the last day of school with students is here.
Not to be confused with the last day of the school year, which is on Monday, the last day of school with students is the sad one.

Every year, no matter what day it falls on, after the day, I feel a wide space open up.
I think this is typically called free time, but it is more than that.  Because I am in a helping profession, it is not just freedom from busyness, but is also a freeing of emotions.
And that can feel sad.

So I wrote a list.
I brainstormed things I am looking forward to doing after today.

I hung it in the living room so when I wander there aimlessly (this happens when acclimating to summer break) I see exactly what I am anticipating doing. 

This is my incomplete list for June, July and 12 days of August.
What are you looking forward to?