Friday, May 9, 2014

A Weighty Matter

Do you think about math often?
I bet you do.  Let me prove it.

Yesterday I held up an archaic bathroom scale in my class.
I asked my students, do you know what this is?

They did, and then I kicked it up a notch.

What does this thing do?

And my beautiful student gave me her best answer.

It tells you what number you're standing on.  

Oh to be 100% right and 100% wrong all at once.

It's not who you are.
It's not what you aren't.
It isn't that you are too much or too little in this world to be loved.

It's the number that you're standing on.

Frankly, I needed someone to tell me.  And then tell me again.

So if you are staring down at this thing that is telling you about your heart, and being, and loveliness (and if you are a person, you have let this happen), then
Let me tell you and tell you again: it's what number you're standing on
and you can't be defined by one number.