Monday, March 16, 2015

Bright Spot(light) on Central Public Library

You can smell the copper before you touch it. Then, there's the feelings of betrayal and stupidity when the door labeled "PULL" is locked.

I made it to Central Public Library on Olive Street downtown for the first time. When left to plan my ideal day off, it made the top of the list. (It's second only to the SLAM, which is always closed on Mondays--a fact I always forget.) Now I'll remember Central is open!

The inside of the building is gorgeous. My 1:08 minutes ticking away on the meter out front wasn't enough time to see all of the rooms. I went quickly from floor to floor, neglecting the books entirely. There was no time to drink in the surroundings AND to touch spines and eye-judge covers (as I love to do.) 

The design woven into each floor to help direct you from where you are and where you want to be caught my attention and admiration

as did the creative work space and the unique details. 
This is the ceiling!

Unfortunately the Children's library won't let in child-less adults. But they do have nice androgynous gummy people standing guard. 

Oh and if you feel like you've died and gone to heaven, you haven't. That's just the bookshelves glowing. At first I thought it was just the books radiating renewable energy. Exactly how took a bit for me to figure out. I did run my hands over it to figure out the trick--built in bulbs. 

Quickly, my time was up but well spent.