Tuesday, April 22, 2014

That's What I Mint! Go Minty on Earth Day

1. an aromatic plant native to temperate regions of the Old World. Several kinds of which are used as culinary herbs.
2. a peppermint candy
3. a place where the coins of a country are manufactured by authority of the government.

1. perfect, as if new

Mint is topping Spring's must have hues list this year.
Personally, I love this shade. However, I don't have the time or money to go searching after every look of the moment, even one I really fancy.
Instead of running off to the store, I'm growing my gratitude for what I have.
This morning I did a roundup of the Mint I have in my life.  That's right, this morning.
It didn't take much searching at all to discover I own Mint-y things already.

This might sound silly, but hitting up my bathroom revealed a lot.
It might not help you feel like you're fashionable, but here are some tricks I use.

1.) It feels pretty satisfying to be fashionable underneath it all.


When I'm prepping for the day (read: bathing & deodorizing) I tell myself, "I'm so trendy right now."
It's funny how well that works. 

2.) Bright spots.  
I have plenty of minty receptacles (pots, drawers, cups, etc) around to store my craftiness.  

3.) Paint
If I need to add a little color to cloth, wood, glass, etc, I have craft paint on hand.  
I highly recommend Martha's line.

4.) Painted lady
Sally Henson's polish lasts fairly well.  I put on 2 coats.

5.) Be- dazzled
I got one of these necklaces at a clothing swap.
The other is from a spur of the moment World Market trip.

6.) These are just sweet.

See?  It's easy going Mint this season without spending a lot of coin.

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