Friday, January 24, 2014

Guidelines, of sorts

As is my custom, the order of things, even with as few as 2 posts is disordered.
And so is reflective of every research paper I've ever written and is an interesting reflection of life as well. 
In an attempt to have a touchstone in this blog, here are a few clarifying statements for when I lose my way.  

1.) Safety first. 
In the event something inappropriate happens, be it comments, strange emails, being found and contacted on other media, etc, it will be addressed.  I will never disclose my habits, haunts, workplace, address, phone number, etc. 
I am a proud St. Louisian, that you will know. 

2.)  Story-telling does not mean "tell all."
I will respect my private life and take strides to not compromise it. 
In the same vein, I will respect the privacy and lives of others, post things with permission and/ or change names when appropriate. 

3.) This is an honest portrait of myself not who I want you to think I am.
I am a human.  I make mistakes.  I am sensitive.  I am messy.  
I will not pretend to be better than I am.  I will not clean myself up for you.  At times I imagine will discuss messiness and struggle, when it is processed enough inside myself.  Not to hide, but to honor my feelings.  

4.) This blog is to have a positive voice.
I will highlight creativity, curiosity, learning, and joys through sharing.
It will not be a forum to vent my problems or opinions.  Those are for true conversations with people face to face to work through and learn together.  

5.) This blog will have some variety.
To the extent that I can now and that I can grow into, I will develop and write posts on various topics and in different formats to stretch myself as a writer.

6.) This blog will be pleasing to the eyes. 
There will be some pictures, but above all I want the content to speak for itself.

If I ever stray from these, I promise to myself and to you (readers) that I will make strides to make my way back.